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Welcome to Midnight Phyre
Midnight Phyre is an EverQuest guild on the Lockjaw server, the rebirth of Midnight Pyre, a guild on Fippy Darkpaw. Midnight Phyre was created on May 21, 2015, the day of the Official (Re-)Launch of the Ragefire server, and transferred to Lockjaw on July 30, 2015.

We currently raid three times per week: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Weeknight raids begin at 8pm Eastern, while Saturday raids begin at 7pm Eastern.

Even when not raiding, we want to be working together to achieve goals, through grouping and questing, and to have a good time together!

Please see our forums for more information about Raiding and our DKP system.
Monday, July 24, 2017
Emperor Sssraaassarasnakeguy down!
It has been a long time coming, but last Thursday Midnight Phyre took down Emperor Ssraeshza! Congratulations to all those that got new loot but also VT keys.
(Insert Faed's screen capture here)

In lesser news, Saryn was downed the weekend before.
(Not the real Saeryn, for he is unkillable)

65 Dark Elf Shadow Knight
Midnight Phyre
Thursday, June 29, 2017
Planes of Power launches on Lockjaw!
Good morning everyone! It has been a while since we updated our front page.

Lockjaw is about 3 weeks into Everquest's 4th expansion, Planes of Power. Midnight Phyre has made great strides in just those few short weeks.

Our members have diligently been working toward the new level cap of 65, gaining additional AA and sharing parchments for our new spells. We have held raid nights and mini raid nights to help flag both mains and alts for Plane of Justice trials, Hedge Mage runs, Bastion of Thunder, Crypt of Decay and more for our Planar Progression.

New kills for us include:
Emperor Ssraeshza
Lord Inquisitor Seru
Gurebk, Lord of Krendic
Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi
Neffiken, Lord of Kelek'Vor
Carpin Cycle
Xanamech Nezmirthafen
Manaetic Behemoth
Terris Thule
Tallon Zek
Vallon Zek
The Seventh Hammer

I would also like to welcome our newest members to Midnight Phyre. Knowing Planes of Power was one of the most successful expansions for Everquest, it has been great to see some people coming back to the game to experience this expansion with us.

65 Dark Elf Shadowknight
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Midnight Phyre News
Midnight Phyre is alive and well on our EverQuest Time Locked Progression server, Lockjaw.

Last night's raid we downed Dain Frostreaver IV for the first time! Grats Anchor on a dwarf king's head to put on display to Kael giants.

Dain was never a big priority for us, but the targets last night were a bit thin and we wanted to do something different. I believe several members of our guild had never killed Dain before, so congrats to them on a new EQ achievement.

Besides that, we continue to fight through Temple of Veeshan, Akheva Ruins, Umbral Plains, and Ssraeshza Temple on raid nights. Off nights are spent AA grouping, questing, chatting with guildies and new non-MP friends.

60 Dark Elf Shadowknight
Wielder of the Palladius Axe of Slaughter
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
MP Clears Temple of Veeshan!
After having killed Aaryonar, Lord Feshlak, the triplets and Dagarn the Destroyer we came back put an end to Vulak's reign once and for all - or until next week.

One by one the Lords and Ladies of Vulak's court fell before us.

First Jorlleag and Lady Nevederia

Then, Lord Koi'Doken

Followed by Lady Mirenilla

And finally, the dreaded Lord Vyemm

Which left only Vulak'Aerr, Lord of the Temple of Veeshan. The fight was long but in the end he was no match for us!
Thursday, December 8, 2016
The Sleeper may be sleeping, but Midnight Phyre is not!
Last night was Midnight Phyre's first change to raid Sleeper's Tomb, and we did an amazing job!

Mynach, Anchor, Childeater, Itchyars, Elthorien thank you for leading the Last Charge of the Gnomes!

Jathe thanks for the bard speed!

Lorivia and Zablabus it was awesome. Lori, we all knew you were gonna die. =)

Thank you everyone else that was able to show up on a none raid night to pull this off! We WILL be coming back!

Our First target, The Final Arbitor.

Our Second target, Nanzata the Warder.

Our Third target, Tukaarak the Warder.

Our Forth target, Hraashna the Warder.

And last but not least, a pretty picture of Midnight Phyre with The Sleeper.

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